U-B Tool

The U-B Tool is a self-assessment tool for collaborative research partnerships addressed to universities, businesses and other non-academic organisations.

What is the U-B Tool about?

  • It is useful for all types of research collaboration
    The U-B Tool can be used for a wide range of collaborations, ranging across university partnerships with industry/businesses, public agencies and NGOs addressing scientific, technological and social innovation.
  • It is comprehensive and flexible
    The U-B Tool is composed of 47 indicators involved in setting up, taking forward and sustaining successful partnerships. However, you can choose to assess only the most relevant indicators for your partnership.
  • It provides a valuable way of monitoring the partnership over time
    The U-B Tool allows you to compare the objectives and expectations at the outset of the collaboration with the current outcomes or between two specific dates.
  • It allows multiple assessments
    You can use the U-B Tool to assess different research partnerships, by selecting the sub-account feature.
  • It provides a results report
    The U-B Tool automatically generates a concise results report that will allow you to quickly visualise the status of your partnership in a series of user-friendly charts and tables. The report can be exported to PDF.

The U-B Tool was developed by the European University Association in the framework of the FP7 project European Universities Implementing their Modernisation Agenda (EUIMA) and involved input from 24 universities and their 39 business partners in 12 European countries. The publications describing the input and outcomes of the participant organisations contain the evidence supporting the identification of the U-B Tool indicators. http://www.eua.be/euima-collaborative-research.aspx